Welcome to home-style boarding at Paws for the Good Life!
Our Mission Statement
To create a nurturing home environment for our furry guests so that they can experience socialization, friendship, & love while they are away from their loved ones. We create a positive experience for our guests, their owners, & our employees.

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Please bring completed guest profile and shot records on initial visit.

Holiday Letter to Our Customers

I feel honored to help people that care deeply about their pets
and by guiding pets that love their people to live full and healthy lives.

I am pleased to introduce the new location of Paws for the Good Life!  We are now situated at 9570 Edinboro Rd., McKean, PA 16426 – right behind the McKean Veterinary Hospital. The convenience and added safety of this location is a real bonus for your best friend!

Please call me at 814-476-3003 to set up a personal tour for you and your pet!!

Our new home has been set up with specific needs for Doggie Day Camp, Overnight care (for felines as well!) and all the other services I provide.

  • Our indoor pet cottages provide homestyle boarding for dogs and cats. These are little bedroom suites as opposed to kennel runs. When bedding down for the night each pet can stay in one of our five newly decorated themed suites; The ORIENTAL PAGODA, The NAUTICAL BOATHOUSE, The COUNTRY COTTAGE, The PARISIAN SUITE or the SOUTH PACIFIC BUNGALOW.

  • A secure fenced outdoor play area is attached to the building. Our campers and boarders can easily be taken outside for social time, potty breaks, and on hot days to cool off in the kiddie pool.

  • We enjoy six acres of fenced meadow land. I believe that exercise is a key component for healthy and content dogs. While in the meadow with me dogs can choose the level of exercise - either an easy stroll or running like mad!! It is also a good time for practicing basic training for physical and
    mental well-being.

  • A room of its own for our feline boarders complete with roomy, secure enclosures. Your cat can have social time with people each day and free roam inside for exercise.

  • Our indoor livingroom/kitchen is another social area we utilize. The “couch potatoes” can actually lounge on the couch with friends – human or canine. Home cooked organic treats and meals are served and even tea time is provided for our best friends.

Please see our SERVICES page for a complete list of all services offered!!
Click here for printable Fee Schedule     Click here for printable Guest Profile
Please bring completed guest profile and shot records on initial visit.

doga yoga with your pet

relax tone and exercise with your dog

Relax, tone and exercise with your dog. Create a unique bond with your pet during exercise.


pet massage

relieve pet stress with pet massage

Relieve pet stress with the holistic, relaxing, loving support of pet massage. A relaxed pet is a happy pet.

geriatric pet care

our elderly pets need special attention

Our elderly four legged friends need special attention to meet their changing needs. I can help.

pet taxi

I can schedule and transport pets

Scheduling for pet appointments and transportation to the vet or groomer can be arranged at your convenience.

take the stress out of pet care
I would love to be of service to people that care for their animals
and help pets that love their people to lead full and healthy lives.

less stress more love

Pets are not our whole lives but, they make our lives whole. I can help you find the right pet for your lifestyle and family. I can take the stress out of pet care by providing healthy activities for your pet in the form of training, socializing, exercise, pet care and playgroups when you are away. I can also schedule and transport pets to appointments. Healthy pet food delivery can also be arranged.
     CONSULTATION . . .      SERVICES . . .
  • Training & Education
  • Pet Care - learn how to properly care for your pet
  • Geriatric Pet Care - for senior pets
  • Pet Match Making - help find the perfect pet
  • Diet & Nutrition - healthy food for your pet
  • Exercise - choose the right exercises for your pet
  • Doga - yoga with your dog
  • Grooming - find the best groomer for your pet
  • Behavioral Issues - find out how to help correct undesired behaviors
  • Find Veterinarian Services - choose the right vet for your pet
  • Personalized Pet Sitting
  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Pet Taxi for vet & grooming appointments, doggie daycare & overnight boarding.
  • Social Activities & Play Groups
  • Overnight & extended boarding
  • Pet Massage - give your pet the gift of relaxation

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