Pets are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole. We take the stress out of pet care by providing healthy activities in the form of training, socializing, exercise, and playgroups. We can schedule and transport pets to appointments and healthy pet food delivery may also be arranged.

Please bring completed guest profile and shot records on initial visit.

Personalized Pet Sitting may be arranged after an initial meeting. Not all pets (or their people) are comfortable with overnight boarding. Pets can remain in the comfort of their own home and receive up to three visits per day. We provide the exercise, love, and care each animal requires.

Doggie Day Camp is a great option for pets who like to run with the pack.

    • Daycare is held Monday through Friday from 7 to 5:30. If necessary late pick-up is available from 7-9. We also offer transportation to and from the pet cottage. Rest time and a lunch snack (usually organic) are incorporated into each day.
    • Our indoor pet cottages provide homestyle boarding for dogs and cats as opposed to kennel runs. When bedding down at night each pet can stay in one of our five themed suites; ORIENTAL PAGODA, NAUTICAL BOATHOUSE, COUNTRY COTTAGE, PARISIAN SUITE or SOUTH PACIFIC BUNGALOW.
    • Our attached play area is secure and fenced and a great place for campers and boarders to socialize, take a potty break, and cool off in the kiddie pool on hot days.
    • We believe that exercise is a key component for healthy and content dogs. Dogs can choose a level of exercise – an easy stroll or running like mad in our fenced six acre meadow. It is a great time for practicing basic training for physical and mental well-being.
    • Feline boarders enjoy a spacious room of their own complete with secure enclosures. Your cat can have social time with people each day and free roam indoors for exercise.
    • Our indoor social area (livingroom/kitchen) is where “couch potatoes” can lounge with friends – human or canine. Home cooked organic treats and meals are served and tea time provided for our best friends.

Pet Taxi is available to and from Doggie Day Camp for a nominal fee. We provide a pet taxi service if you are unable to take your pet to veterinarian appointments.

We will assist you in choosing the right vet for your pet. Location, reputation, experience and hours of operation are important factors when considering the perfect vet for your pet.

Overnight & Extended Boarding is available at the Paws for the Good Life facility. The next best thing to home is our homestyle boarding. Your pets can enjoy boarding without kennel runs. Our indoor pet cottages are set up like doggie bedrooms (see Deluxe) or standard boarding is available. Cats are welcome too and will board in an area separate from dogs. And remember, Doggie Day Camp is included without additional fees for overnight boarders.

Pet Massage – Relieve pet stress with the holistic, relaxing, loving support of pet massage. A relaxed pet is a happy pet.

Grooming – After playing all day owners can schedule their pets to be groomed and pampered. Compassionate dog grooming –we will not force grooming on a dog but can work to build their comfort.

Geriatric Pet Care – Our elderly four legged friends need special attention to meet their changing needs. Special diets and suitable exercise regimens can benefit senior pets. Learn how to help your pet age gracefully. We can help.

Training and Education – Pets need to exercise their minds, too. They love to learn new things. Continuing a pet’s education throughout their life enhances their happiness and allows them to live full, well-rounded lives.

Pawsitive and polite $30 per day.

Pet Care – Pets require special care. Learn about the many factors that determine your pet’s needs including: age, breed, size and the location of your home. Pets need socialization, education and exercise just as we do.

Pet Match Making – We believe in forever homes. New discount to new adoptions, proof of adoption within a year of coming first night of boarding free and 10% off first month of daycare.

Diet & Nutrition – We will help you learn to prepare or find healthy food brands for your pet. Easily prepared organic meals will enhance your pet’s health. Diet can contribute to your pet’s appearance and behavior. Recipes are available upon request.

Exercise – The only place around that not only offers an outdoor play yard but a 6 acre field and pond area. We can help you choose the right exercise routine for your best friend. Exercise along with your pet and make it a special time to share.